Taking a Leap

Taking a Leap

The first steps are always difficult.

Like a newborn, the first few steps of any new endeavor seem wobbly, and we teeter until we just know that we will fall and land—well, you know where.

We plan and plan for big events in our lives, albeit it college, or marriage, or parenthood, or a career move…or even a book release, and yet when the time arrives, nerves envelope us like a giant constrictor.

After the first few steps, however, we start to stand a bit taller. Our legs are stronger, and we move forward. Which of course, brings me to the point of this first official blog post.

Here I am world. Fifteen years in the paddock, waiting for the race to begin. Well, in my case, it’s a bit of a stroll. Truth be told, everybody will make it to the finish line, one way or another.
Publishing has changed so much since I started writing scenes, in the dark of night, in the corner of the room, hovering over a glowing E-mac (yes, I am that old).

Thank goodness, my beloved found me out, discovered a writers’ group and pushed me through the door on a rainy Saturday morning a lifetime ago. Without the encouragement of friends and family, I definitely would not be here now, writing thusly.

Back to my point…once upon a time, a writer sent a paper manuscript out into the world, and after months of waiting, an offer might appear from an agent or and editor, and after another couple of years a book might hit the shelves of a Borders or a Walden store. Today, however, so much can happen with the click of a key, through cyberspace. Traditional publishing, e-publishing, self publishing all offer writers venues to get their stories into the world.

And for a writer, that truly is the most important thing. The story and the audience.
I am a writer. I am a story teller. I weave tales to entertain.
And having done so, now, I am releasing them into the world, and watching them take flight.

~Lori Francis


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