Welcome to the faire…let the game begin.

“In ancient days, of Oak and Thorn

A lovers’ curse is cast12922089_10207363965111755_1610549622_o

That one who loved a king’s sworn bride

Would ne’er forget the past

Thus, tale of troubled love is born

For she remembers naught

The loves, or deaths, or mortal lies

That whispered words once brought.”


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~Amazon.com review:

“Because it was a Golden Heart finalist, I expected Faire Game to be well-written, and it exceeded my expectations. The time travel element, which popped us around to several different time periods, kept the pacing dizzy-fast. Gwynndolyn and Kryryn were compelling in any century and Richard is the scariest villain I’ve run across since Hannibal Lecter.

Both thumbs up on this one!”